Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a running tour of san francisco

in an effort to keep make my training a bit more fun, and to keep me motivated through a recent 15 mile run, i decided to take a trip into san francisco. i figured that the scenery and tourists would make the afternoon interesting, and i could focus on the sights of the city rather than any aches and pains. after all, i had never run more than 13 miles at that point

my plan was to park on the marin side of the golden gate bridge, head into the city, run past the marina, along the embarcadero, and all the way to the bay bridge. (at that point, of course, i'd turn around and head all. the. way back.)

as i started to make my way along the path on that surprisingly sunny and clear saturday afternoon, i pulled my cell phone out to snap a picture of the gorgeous view. and thus began my photo documentation of my running tour through san francisco:

city view from the golden gate bridge

golden gate bridge from s.f., after running across it


the palace of fine arts

ghirardelli square

powell & hyde cable car

pier 39

fisherman's wharf

world trade center on embarcadero


the bay bridge


the stairs i had to climb before crossing back over golden gate. i definitely hurt by this point, but it was an enjoyable day, and so much fun to know that i'd get to share these with all of you!


melissa said...

hooray for you! and hooray that i know where most of these sites are. of course, i was busy fending off the various street-lurkers, but that's a whole other story. i hope i can get out there to visit you sometime....

ann-marie said...

wow, what dedication and ambition you have. the only way i could have done all of that was at a walking pace.

you rock!

audrey said...

well, let's be honest. i did a lot of walking to make that 15 miles happen. taking pictures was a GREAT excuse for stopping to walk:)

Julie said...

Go Audrey! I love being distracted when I run. It does make it a lot easier. Well, maybe not easier so much as a way to pass the time. I get bored otherwise ... and I am talking about 3 miles not 15. haha. Can't wait to cheer you on at the marathon!

Amie Kiger said...

WOW! What a run/walk! Thanks so much for sharing those bits of your new digs! We got your letter, and I am extatic to have this connection to you. The girls love the magnet--"what are their names again, Mom?" Keep the updates coming--gotta love the blog! God bless!

Amie :)

mommy said...

wow audrey. when you get tired of being a runner maybe you should consider being a photographer. awesome shots. love, mom.