Tuesday, August 7, 2007

painting the town red

okay, okay. so maybe it was just a wall in a room:)

we decided to take advantage of being allowed to paint an accent wall, and here are the results from two weekends ago:

starting the job out

did i say red? i meant pink.
just kidding - priming done!

silliness before the real work began

coat number 1 - working really hard to cover the "a heart m". we were worried for a while that it would permanently show through!

coat number 2 - almost done!

our freshly painted living room, complete with a new couch set that mark's dad so kindly purchased for us as a house-warming gift!

we're still in need of curtains and pictures on the wall, but its definitely the start of a comfy living room!


Chris said...

Audrey --
The paint color is lovely, and the couch is great! Doesn't feel wonderful to start making your house a HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! That really makes me want to paint our place!

simplicity said...

Love the red accent wall. We have red furniture and tan walls (tan like the color of your couches.)

I love red.

Warm, inviting...lovely!

melissa said...

nice and cozy - love it (although i wish it was a few states closer so i could sit on the couch with you and chat over a cup of coffee!). time to change your profile, by the way. :) can't wait to see you soon!