Sunday, July 15, 2007

quality friday: a good night's sleep?

friday marked the two week anniversary of our decision not to take our worn, six-year-old mattress and 30+ year-old box spring with us on the move out west. since then, we have slept in a number of different configurations, including my brother's bed, the floor, on a newly purchased air mattress, and lastly, for a week of me on the couch and mark on our guest room twin mattress laying next to it!

suffice it to say, our backs and necks were not thrilled with the arrangements.

we spent quite a bit to time searching for a new set when we arrived in california. we tried various stores - both furniture and mattress - brands from simmoms and sleepnumber to englander, styles from pillow top and memory foam to air/spring combinations.

after two weeks of general discomfort, every bed that we laid on provided some level of relief, but the one that stood out amongst the crowd was the tempur-pedic. after a long day on thursday, when our bodies hit the soft foam of the display and sank in, perfectly contouring our bodies, it provided instant comfort and nearly made me want to just lay there and sleep. i was still not 100% sure, but mark felt absolutely certain that the bed was exactly what we had been looking for.

figuring that quality sleep is a worthwhile investment, we splurged and purchased it, along with two of the pillows, and scheduled for a friday delivery. for two nights (and two naps), we've slept on this new bed, which still feels slightly harder than the one we tried at the store. after the first day, we were a bit disappointed, because we expected to wake up completely cured of all our previous ailments. not so. after day two, we're feeling a bit better about it - mark more so than myself - but perhaps just two nights is not sufficient time to repair weeks of discomfort?

at least we are headed in the right direction. and we have 90 days to exchange it for something else if it doesn't quite live up to our expectations. i'll keep you posted.....

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melissa said...

how's it working out for you? also....what was last week's quality friday moment?