Monday, July 23, 2007

quality friday: all done!

the highlight of last week was DEFINITELY late thursday night when we finished unpacking our last box in preparation for mark's dad's arrival on friday - the very first visitor in our new home!

the week was a flurry of activities that included an extremely busy work week for me, with each l.o.n.g day followed by an even more exhausting evening of unpacking boxes, arranging and putting away endless items, and shopping for accessories for the guest room and guest bath.

although there is certainly more work to be done, it felt like quite an accomplishment to break down that last box, and we enjoyed the fruits of our labor throughout the very relaxing weekend!

guest room/office

guest bathroom

happy belated quality friday, everyone!


melissa said...

love it. love love love it. so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love how the guest room and bath turned out! NICE WORK!!! Hopefully we'll get to see it in person sometime soon! :o)

ann-marie said...

you. are. incredible! congratulations on becoming box-free so quickly.

the place looks fantastic, too!